About Organic Hair Product Review & Melanie Nickels

My name is Melanie Nickels, and I own Raw Hair Organic Salon in Naples, Florida. I also own Raw Hair Organics, a 100% natural / organic professional quality hair products line that I developed myself over the course of 3 1/2 years. There is no other product in the industry like it. I have been a master stylist behind the chair for over 15 years. I was a member of Intercoiffure, a Broadway stylist, trained internationally, and currently a member of the American Board of Certified Master Hair Colorists, as well as an examiner for the organization. I’m am an educator, and teach on a regular basis at professional hair shows throughout the country on the topic of organic hair coloring. I’m known as the organic haircolor “guru” of sorts in the United States. Please visit my website at http://www.rawhairorganics.com

8 thoughts on “About Organic Hair Product Review & Melanie Nickels”

  1. Editha Tumbelaka said:

    Hi Melanie, my name is Editha from Indonesia. I just need to ask you if there is any brand of hair color which is safe for a pregnant women. My friend told me that Inoa hair color is safe. Do you think so? I’m 6 months in pregnancy but i really need to get my hair coloured because i have lots of grey color. Thank you for your reply..


    • Congrats on your pregnancy, Editha!

      As far as a safe hair color product, I’m not a medical practitioner, thus I always recommend that you discuss that with your doctor. There are a number of hair color products on the market that are much less toxic than others, but I think a discussion with your doctor is in order.

      Happy Gestation!


  2. Michelle Ybarra said:

    Hi Melanie. Does chromatic 30 volume cover gray well or is it recommend to just use a 20 volume?
    Thank you Michelle

  3. Michele Duhrssen said:

    Hi Melanie –
    What color product would you say are the safest? I am concerned about links to cancer, PPD and ammonia.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks for the question, Michele.

      In my opinion, no hair color is perfect. The non-ammonia colors are better, but none are perfect. If you are overly concerned about those issues, I’d recommend that you just don’t color your hair.
      Thanks for the question!


  4. Melanie, what do you think of Mastey? It’s it one of the safest on the market wholesale? What products are the safest for home use? And yes, I realize no hair dye is totally safe.

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